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Originally from the island of Crete, and after having spent formative artistic years in Venice and Rome, El Greco opened his studio in Toledo and created some of the most compelling paintings of the Spanish Renaissance. The works of El Greco, viewed by many as early forebears of cubism and expressionism, displayed disproportionate, phantasmagorical figures that emphasized the inner strains of imagination above the objective, lifelike subjects of his contemporaries.

Prokofiev, S.: Piano Sonatas Nos. / Visions Fugitives by Matti Raekallio on TIDAL

In his depictions of the Spanish countryside or religious icons, recognizable figures and places assume a fantastical, even apocalyptic tone. In his work, one perceives an empire shaping a new world in the western hemisphere, while subjugating its minorities to religious inquisitions at home. Pairing this music with the painting, one envisions a ghastly aura casting a pall over this medieval city, concealing a raucous celebration.

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After its first melodic strains by piccolo and soprano saxophone, the tuba wends its way through a series of harmonic and textural backgrounds ultimately surrendering to a reverential chorale played by the ensemble. Proceeding from the second movement without pause, the tolling of funeral bells and the murmur of humming by the ensemble creates a quiet pad over which the tuba imparts its mournful, lyrical, gestures.

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Work Title Visions fugitives Alt ernative. Gutheil Average Duration Avg. Duration 22 minutes Composer Time Period Comp. Pieces ; For piano ; Scores featuring the piano ; For 1 player ; For strings arr ; For strings ; Scores featuring string ensemble.

Fugitive visions Op 22 n 3 — piano tutorial

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