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Key features of the Career Center by JobTeaser. The prima donna Stella, performing Mozart's Don Giovanni , sends a letter to Hoffmann, requesting a meeting in her dressing room after the performance. Lindorf intends to replace Hoffmann at the rendezvous. In the tavern, students wait for Hoffmann.

La Casquette Magique - Histoire Pour S'endormir - Contes De Fées Français

Lindorf coaxes Hoffmann into telling the audience about his three great loves. This act is based on a portion of " Der Sandmann " The Sandman. Hoffmann's first love is Olympia, an automaton created by the scientist Spalanzani. Hoffmann falls in love with her, not knowing Olympia is a mechanical doll " Allons! Courage et confiance Courage and confidence Olympia sings one of the opera's most-famous arias , " Les oiseaux dans la charmille " The birds in the arbor, nicknamed "The Doll Song" , during which she runs-down and needs to be wound-up before she can continue. While dancing with Olympia, Hoffmann falls on the ground and his glasses break.

With the crowd ridiculing him, Hoffmann realizes he loved an automaton. This act is based on " Rath Krespel ". After a long search, Hoffmann finds the house where Crespel and his daughter Antonia are hiding. Hoffmann and Antonia loved each other, but were separated after Crespel decided to hide his daughter from Hoffmann. Antonia inherited her mother's talent for singing, but her father forbids her to sing because of her mysterious illness. Antonia wishes her lover would return to her " Elle a fui, la tourterelle " — "She fled, the dove". Her father also forbids her to see Hoffmann, encourages Antonia in her musical career, and therefore, endangers her without knowing it.

Crespel tells Frantz, his servant, to stay with his daughter, and after Crespel leaves, Frantz sings a comical song about his talents " Jour et nuit je me mets en quatre " — "Day and night, I quarter my mind. After Crespel leaves his house, Hoffmann takes advantage of the occasion to sneak in, and the lovers are re-united love duet: " C'est une chanson d'amour " — "It's a love song". After Crespel returns, he receives a visit from Dr Miracle, the act's Nemesis, forcing Crespel to let him heal her. Eavesdropping, Hoffmann learns Antonia may die if she sings too much. He returns to her boudoir, and makes her promise to give up her artistic-dreams.

Antonia reluctantly accepts her lover's will. After she is alone, Dr Miracle enters Antonia's boudoir to persuade her to sing and follow her mother's path to glory, stating Hoffmann is sacrificing her to his brutishness, and loves her only for her beauty. With mystic powers, he raises a vision of Antonia's dead mother and induces Antonia to sing, causing her death. Crespel arrives just in time to witness his daughter's last breath.

Contes Perrault by Perrault Charles - AbeBooks

Hoffmann enters, and Crespel wants to kill him, thinking he is responsible for his daughter's death. Nicklausse saves his friend from the old man's vengeance. Giulietta is not in love with Hoffmann, but seducing him under the orders of Captain Dapertutto, promising to give her a diamond if she steals Hoffmann's reflection from a mirror " Scintille, diamant " — "Sparkle, diamond". The jealous Schlemil cf. Peter Schlemihl for a literary antecedent , a previous victim of Giulietta and Dapertutto he gave Giulietta his shadow , challenges the poet to a duel, but is killed.

Nicklausse wants to take Hoffmann away from Venice, and goes looking for horses. Meanwhile, Hoffmann meets Giulietta, and cannot resist her " O Dieu! Hoffmann tells Dapertutto his friend Nicklausse will come and save him. Dapertutto prepares a poison to get rid of Nicklausse, but Giulietta drinks it by mistake, dropping dead in the poet's arms. The tavern in Nuremberg: Hoffmann, drunk, swears he will never love again, and explains Olympia, Antonia, and Giulietta are three facets of the same person, Stella.

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They represent, respectively, the young girl's, the musician's, and the courtesan's side of the prima donna.