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Fellowship of Orthodox Christians in America. Lastest News. Sep 7, May 16, Mar 18, Mar 11, Nov 11, Andrew Appeal.

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Jul 24, — Jul 27, Published September 11, at PM. Gift of Love: Alex For Alex, 15, every day is an adventure. Published September 3, at AM. Gift of Love: Hannah Unlike many children in foster care her age, she said she's not looking for the picture-perfect family. Hannah said she wouldn't mind having a single mother or father, or even a blended family.

Published August 21, at PM. Gift of Love: Jenna Many soft-spoken children find their own beautiful ways of communicating with others. For third-grader Jenna, that's through the arts. Published August 14, at AM. The way they love life, despite not having parents, is something even more inspiring. Published August 7, at PM. The Texarkana senior spent the last week competing in Orlando, Florida. Published July 28, at PM.

Gift of Love Video. Gift of Love: Daniel By. Gift of Love: Allie Graves By. Gift of Love: Jazmyn By. Continued Coverage. Texas child abuse survivor to represent Texas at Miss. The Lone Star native is headed to Orlando for the Miss. Published July 18, at AM.

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  4. Gifts of Love is a gift to the community.
  5. The Foundations of Remembering: Essays in Honor of Henry L. Roediger, III (Psychology Press Festschrift Series).

Gift of Love: Robin No matter her situation, Robin, 13, refuses to let the colors of her world fade. At Pottery Cafe Tyler, Robin was able to show us her deep passion for art. I make art up in my safe spot in my room," said Robin.

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Published June 26, at PM. He feels strongly about that statement as he has become close to friends, teachers, and people who are not related to him by blood. When thoughts of being different than most children begin to manifest inside his head, Memphis leans on perspective. Published June 12, at PM.

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Published May 22, at PM. Gift of Love: Armani As a child of the foster system for most of his life, the eighth-grader is ready for a new adventure: finding a forever family.

Published May 1, at AM. Getting involved is as simple as asking your church leaders to pray for this cause during Sunday service on April 28th.

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For Latter-day Saints declare that God lives. He loves all men. He will lead all who will repent and follow him to everlasting joy and happiness. We believe the people of the world are yearning for a message such as this to believe in. This survey discovered that the basic concepts of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints parallel the religious needs that people are seeking. My eleven-year-old daughter, Kristen, expressed a concern to me a few days ago that I believe is felt by many who are seeking to find a better, more righteous way of life. Every day I think this will be that day.

Then I make a mistake, and I have to wait for another day before I can try again.

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I am often asked to counsel with people who experience somewhat that same dilemma. They want to correct and change their lives. They feel, however, that they have made so many mistakes that there is no way to cast off the burdens they now bear because of those sins. They feel weighted down by sorrow and despair, with no hope of escape. Kristen and all of us should remember that while we are commanded to love God, he has a perfect love for us. He loves us so much that he was willing to pay the price for those sins. He suffered for us. He died for us.

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He said, Come follow me; cast your burdens on the Lord. His desire is to lift us, to help us, to guide us, to save us. God loves me!