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He joined the dark side. Only total destruction of his career will suffice.

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We cannot have these Machaveilli types inhabiting science pursuits of any kind. Some branches of climate science are so corrupt that Marcott et al is the natural result. Purge them! It is impossible to judge human beings in 30 seconds, but if forced my conclusion would be your wife is a moron. In point of fact humans judge each other all the time in less than 30 seconds.

Stereotypes come from the aggregation and generalization of the daily experiences of millions of people, so they cannot possibly fail to be true.

There have been a large number of experiments conducted in recent years to show that altruists people who tend to cooperate in situations where self-interested behavior might benefit them personally and egoists people who tend not to cooperate in such situations genuinely look different, and people can tell them apart simply by looking at them. Besides, you have to consider the possibility that, in a comedy of menace, more than one person is a moron. In no way do I wish to defend JCH by my comment, BTW, in case someone would wish to over egg the pudding, go a bridge too far or stretch the limits of justified disingenuousness.

Thank you for the links, they were very interesting and changed my perspective on a lot of things. I will grant that watching a youtube video of Shakun is not nearly as information rich as meeting him in person. Shakun however, is pdjudged as untrustworthy. Why let something as irrelevant as their actual identity get in the way of forming an judgement about them?

His interview with Revkin was a body language and interviewing technique disaster. It is interesting that missed in all concern about this paper was a relatively straight-forward exchange. No big-time drama.

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How fascinating that a straight-forward exchange about the science gets lost in all the hand-wringing and pearl-clutching. What is clear that many people engaged in this debate seem to disproportionately interested in the drama. The reason for that seems obvious — because the drama is more satisfying when people are focused on tribal identifications. Unfortunately, you seem to be a part of that group, Judith. Joshua, how do you mean that this got lost? And more importantly, all kind of other aspects have been discussed too. What is your point even: The Revikin interview som weeks ago!?

Should it have been left at that? What has been lost, amid all the drama, was the straight-forward exchange. IMO, all that was needed to be said was said in that exchange. Even someone intellectually-challenged and technically-illiterate such as myself could understand the differing perspectives. The views on the science were clearly expressed in a very straight-forward manner. No tribalism necessary. And instead, what we get are people on both sides of the debate creating huge drama.

IF you really cannot see even what is contentious with this paper and what it purports to show, how come you spend so much time tone trolling here? They are now hiding behind the RC firewall. They can comment here, RC, or DE and have chosen to not do so for weeks now. The FAQ is fine as it is. A basic admission that the math is weak and should not be trusted. It should end here. Are you keeping count? Perhaps they can do that when they publish the code and thus clarify what exactly they did.

That is the problem. I read a recent paper on the SST paleo temperature derived from one of the bugs.

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The core sample depths can range from a few hundred meters to a few thousand, so the time and location of death of the bug to the time and location of deposit of the bug can vary by a few hundred years and many hundreds of kilometers vertically and horizontally. I think that would make paleo a pretty specialized field. Is the field of paleoclimate science so robust that it can be relied on as a basis for making policy decisions?

Statistics is not a strong suit for me. I often can barely follow some of the discussion of methods. What I often take away is that the data has to sliced and diced to reach a point where it might tell us something.


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In the case of paleoclimatology, it appears that the statisticians are the ones questioning the methods. Timg56, It really seems to be primarily statistics. A large number of the individual paleo calibrations have pretty large uncertainty ranges, 1. Unlike thermometers that can have a larger absolute error but still provide a reliable anomaly, paleo is a lot less useful unless all the error ranges are considered. Throwing out Mann-o-matic reconstructions without realistic uncertainty ranges is doing the actual paleo guys a major disservice.

Vostok is the deepest proxy with a depth of The MD core has the next deepest depth of 9. Stephan, I was referring to the bottom depth of the ocean proxies. A core can be collected in a few hundred meters depth of a few kilometers deep near trenches. Since the ocean currents vary with depth, the sediment in the cores can flow to the core location from different directions. The actual depth of the core sample of course can vary. That is three ocean cores from the north Atlantic, Two are in the to meter depth and the other is over meters. Since the Arctic currents, gyres, are a touch unpredictable, the deep and shallow cores can be completely out of phase.

To get all the good out of the proxies you would either need extremely long averaging or one kick butt ocean model. The shallower cores should tend to be more accurate, but are still more an indication of currents than temperatures. Now that Mick has done all the heavy lifting, everyone jumps on board to finger wag. McIntyre is literally doing your job for you! Seems incredibly misleading to me. Why would McKitrick leave out that obviously relevant piece of information?

So all your previous reactions were before you read it? I agree that it is not appropriate. Along those lines, the reconstructions of the past years do suggest what they say. That is appropriate language. I even think it is fine for them to say that in the abstract, as an abstract should, appropriately, discuss the implications of the research findings.

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Joshua, there is no avoiding the same ole same ole. There is a battle for the media because of the political part of the science. Everyone wants to hammer another nail in the other sides coffin.

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Think about, truly ground breaking research would state, FIIK. I am a chilled kinda guy.