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Afterwards, the Germany-Alumna completed an internship in the area of Android programming with the German company Bosch. Blesilda M. Following this, the Germany-Alumna became a member of the multicultural team of trainers in several Southeast Asian countries.

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Manuela Randrianirainy is studying German philology in Antananarivo. She was in Munich for three months and took a German language course at the Goethe-Institut. After completing her Master's thesis, the Germany-Alumna would like to work as a teacher at the University of Madagascar and as a translator. I would like to pass on my passion for Germany and the German language to as many people as possible. Nino Fejzibegovic is Bosnian. Germany, however, became a second home to him.

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The next steps are his dissertation and his specialist examinations. It is a cooperation of:. Practise your German Expand your German language skills with our texts and exercises. Exchange knowledge Join topical groups that match your interests or your expertise. Take part in webinars Take part in live sessions on global, social or job market-related topics. Continuing education Stay up to date with tenders for scholarships and funding programmes of German institutions.

Find a job Find assignments or a new job with a Germany company or a German organisation in your country. Career fairs It is easy to get in touch with renowned German companies — without even leaving the house.


Career tips Get tips and incentives for your career with a German company, such as practical suggestions on how to write an application, insider tips for your job interview or information on important soft skills. Find project partners Build international cooperation networks. Find solutions together Take part in our creative competitions and hands-on projects.

Sensual, sensitive, rhythmic, atmospheric, free but harmonious, beguiling and hypnotic, collectively they project a sense of unlimited space and time. The solo album came when I went to Reykjavik, where I wrote some new songs instantly while in the studio, so they were almost improvised compositions.

It was then that I decided to release an unadorned solo piano album — telling a lot about my musical roots, which are definitely in this instrument. Rani grew up in Gdansk with her parents a doctor and architect and surrounded by music and films. For me they have big hearts and huge minds. Moving to Berlin where you have the freedom to be yourself , exploring Iceland and the wild mountains in Bieszczady, South-East Poland, all changed me as a person, so I guess, also affected me as an artist.

Her father was an architect and the arts remain hugely important to Rani. I take inspiration for the form of my own pieces from architecture and design. Indeed, for Rani it is often an image or a colour that comes first, what she calls a sound image. If the image is strong enough, sounds come along very quickly, trying to build the right image stuck in my head. The music fills the space, the music brings the new worlds, new spaces.

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One such inspiration was the collage artist Anthony Zinonos whose artwork adorns the cover of Esja and whose work Hania first found when she was working on the music that would become this album. Beautifully sculpted, Esja opens with the gorgeous Eden, which features a chorus full of warmth and grace.

Sun is inspired by the sensation of the warmth of the sun, but also by the feeling of being small in the face of the universe. Hawaii Oslo takes its name from the film of the same name, but is inspired by the contrast of mood and location, always changing as you listen. The shimmering Glass is named for its fragility, but also for its many colours, like glass caught in the light.


Today it Came is the only song from the album recorded on a grand piano belonging to Olafur Arnalds in his studio in Reykjavik. Finally, Esja is the named by the mountain in south-west Iceland which can be seen from almost everywhere in Reykjavik and because of constant changes to the weather there, it always looks different. It therefore became the perfect title for one of her favourite pieces, one that sounds different every time she performs it.

And in turn it became the perfect title for her debut album. A powerful, entrancing statement that offers new delights and new insights on every listen and announces Hani Rani as a major new artist. Tickets — HIER. Es ist ein Blick auf das Ganze, die Illustration jenseits des Horizonts. Es ist eine Selbstbeobachtung, geboren aus Melancholie, Wut und Nervenkitzel.

September ab 23h nach dem Konzert.

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Ein bunter Abend im Hardcore-Universum. Von Hunter S. Dazu gibt es im fliegenden Wechsel musikalische Liveauftritte, die den Abend abrunden. Er lebt derzeit in Buckinghamshire, England. In London leitet er die Riflemaker Galerie, in der er u.

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Werke von William S. Burroughs oder Yoko Ono ausstellte. Seit arbeitet sie als freie Journalistin und Autorin in der Porno-Szene. Achim Bogdahn ist Radiomoderator beim Bayerischen Rundfunk, u.

Es gibt Arten, unterwegs zu sein. Seit Neuestem singt er auch auf Deutsch. Im Augenblick arbeitet er an vier neuen Albumproduktionen. Nach agitatorisch-flamboyanten Techno-Orchester Perfomances auf u. Tropfendrops des Massivgewirks von Schwingung. Das Verworner-Krause-Kammerorchester kommt schon nahe dran — denn sie spielen Techno. Dass diese Kombination gar nicht so abwegig ist, zeigt die Stimmigkeit ihrer Kompositionen.

Dieses Mal mit folgenden DJs:. So are you down with the gypsies? Vorher, am Die Zeit seit seinem letzten Album war von diversen Schaffenskrisen begleitet. In Mikal Cronins eigenen Worten:. Relationships end, begin, and end again. I needed to clean up, to stop leaning on external crutches to get through the anxiety. I needed to grow the fuck up. I went to the woods, to Idyllwild, a small town in the mountains of southern California. I spent a month in a cabin there, alone with my cat, Ernie.

It was so quiet and peaceful. I got weird looks at the store. I walked around a small lake a few times. I wrote. It worked: A large majority of Seeker was written and demoed there.

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But then I had to go, immediately. An arsonist had sparked a series of fires and the woods exploded. I saw the flames coming up the hill as I packed up all my instruments and recording equipment. Ernie hid under the bed and was the last to go. I got him in the car just as the police came up the street to help with evacuations. I ended up home in LA a few days early; a small blessing because I was losing my mind a bit. Once I was back, I was ready to make something.

I needed help. I found Jason [Quever] and his studio.