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Users can connect to more than two million sighted volunteers around the world at any time in the day or night for support, by pointing their smartphone camera at the object they need help to see. In , Be My Eyes added a service called Specialised Help that lets users contact businesses with enquiries about their products and services. The call works exactly like regular Be My Eyes call, but instead of being connected to a random volunteer, users with sight loss are connected to a company representative, who can assist with requests concerning their specific products or services. Listen to an interview with Alexander Hauerslev Jensen from the Be My Eyes team and hear our radio hosts discuss how they use the app in real life.

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Listen to the Tech Talk podcast. The volunteers have always been polite, friendly and helpful — what more could you ask from an app that's free?

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It's programmed and coded really well and so useable. I think if you're visually impaired, you should always have an app like this on your phone. When a blind or partially sighted person requests support through the app, Be My Eyes sends a notification to several volunteers. The first volunteer to answer the request will be connected to that specific user. If no volunteers answer the notification, the request will be forwarded to other volunteers until answered.

Calls are connected within 30 seconds 90 per cent of the time.