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Vocabulary Activities Published Twenty-five vocabulary activities for year-olds with step-by-step guidelines, examples of classroom 'teacher talk', and illustrations. What Are You Looking For? Back To Search. Oxford Basics for Children: Vocabulary Activities by Slattery, Mary Published by Oxford University Press Oxford Basics for Children is a series for primary school teachers which provides adaptable teaching ideas in an easy-to-follow format.

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  5. R: Yes, it is. I have an appointment to see Mr Maleta. It's Chris Sutton here. R: Hello. Mr Sutton. S: OK.

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    7. R: Yes,.. Can I have your number? Which conversation is on the telephone? And which one is face-to-face? Listen and check your answers. In pairs, practise asking and answering questions. Use the verb in brackets. Ask your colleague.

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      Listen to these words and put them in the correct row. What other expression does she use to make a request? You make a reservation. What happens after you check in and before you go to bed? Use the words in the box to complete the chain.

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      You can use some of the verbs more than once. Her plane to Budapest leaves in less than two hours. Look at the pictures and answer the questions below. What time is it now? And what day? Be careful, there's a time difference. Are the shops open?

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      Where can you see the following times? Breakfast is served between 7. Use the Language Note to help you. Q 0 Now listen to three short extracts, and circle the times you hear. Q What time do you do these things? Complete the table for yourself, then ask a partner. You want to arrive in Budapest in the early afternoon or late evening. Begin like this: Good morning. Turn to File P on page Preparing a trip 23 Complete the notes. Minutes to get to city centre. It leaves every.

      Catt weekends from. Then listen again to check. How long does it take? How often does it go? When is it open? When does it open? Use the question worcls in the box to help you.

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      How often. How far. What time. How long. Your usual 'or! How do you pronounce them? There is a number or time in each answer. How far is it from the airport? What time is the plane? How many companies are there? How long does it take by road?

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      How many people are there? How often does the bus come? An American colleague wants to visit your company or school from Saturday evening to Wednesday evening. What can you tell your colleague about the following? Match each phrase with one of the pictures above. Now cover the phrases in f. Can you remember the phrases? Olivier t1iras is on a business trip. Listen to two conversations at the airport.

      Where exactly in the airport is he in each conversation? Now listen again. Vhen do we use how much and when do we use how many?

      enadeneram.ml Customs regulations around the world are very different.