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He also developed and implemented emergency food and medical assistance programs that Morris estimates saved up to three million lives. His most significant and lasting accomplishment during the occupation, however, was political reform.

After the successful occupation of Japan, MacArthur once more was called upon to command in war when North Korean forces invaded South Korea in June He was seventy. Faced with military disaster and political defeat in an early Cold War battle—brought on by imprudent defense cuts and diplomatic miscalculation by the Truman administration—MacArthur rallied U.

Douglas MacArthur

Both Perry and Morris imply that had MacArthur died at Inchon, the brilliant amphibious operation that led to the liberation of South Korea from communist control, he would probably be considered the greatest general in American history and perhaps the greatest American of the twentieth century. When communist Chinese forces entered the war en masse in the fall of to prevent this outcome, and MacArthur sought the authority to effectively wage war against our enemies, Washington balked and MacArthur complained.

Though MacArthur remained hugely popular with the American people in the immediate aftermath of Korea, liberal historians had the last word and they sided with Truman. Hopefully, Perry and Morris are only the first wave of a new generation of historians to restore Douglas MacArthur to his rightful place in history. Francis P. He is an attorney, an adjunct professor of political science at Wilkes University, and a contributing editor to American Diplomacy.

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Biography of Douglas MacArthur, 5-Star American General

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Good biography about an iconic leader in American history. This book was a good survey of his military and civilian life; though not too much on the latter. I was looking for an insightful discussion In-depth analysis of the enduring paradox of America's most revered five-star insubordinate—an installment of the Great Generals biographical series for which retired General Wesley K. Clark is Truman Book Award. He lives in Annandale, Virginia.

Biography of Douglas MacArthur, 5-Star American General

MacArthur: A Biography. Richard B. From the Center to the Fringe.

An Expensive Education. Regression Invasion and Surrender.