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Caribou 2.

Isla De Encanta 4. Ed Is Dead 5. The Holiday Song 6. Nimrod's Son 7. I've Been Tired 8.


Bone Machine 2. Break My Body 3. Something Against You 4. Broken Face 5. River Euphrates 7. Where Is My Mind? Cactus 9.

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Tony's Theme Oh My Golly! Vamos Surfer Rosa I'm Amazed Holiday Song 2. I'm Amazed 3. Rock A My Soul 4.

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Isla De Encanta 5. Caribou 6. Broken Face 7. Subbacultcha 8.

O :: O Pilgrim on your way to God :: يا سائح للقاء يسوع

Build High 9. Ed Is Dead Nimrod's Son Down To The Well I've Been Tired Boom Chicka Boom Vamos In Heaven Write your mistake. Ingest one mushroom. Go to sleep.

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Wake anew. O'Malley's foodie inclinations have made their way into his work before—one scene in Scott Pilgrim Vs, the World featured a very detailed recipe for Vegan Shepherd's Pie —but Seconds also draws on his experiences actually working in the food industry. Although Scott Pilgrim would later get adapted into a cult-favorite film by Edgar Wright, it was far from an overnight success; shortly after the book came out in , O'Malley took a job at a Toronto restaurant called Kalendar just to make ends meet. Although O'Malley initially came up with the concept for Seconds around that time, he didn't start working on the project until six years later, when Scott Pilgrim was finally off his plate.

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The delay was partly a matter of scheduling, but also of feeling ready to write Katie as the character in his head. She was [supposed to be] older than I was at the time, and I had to get to a point where I experienced some of that responsibility before I could really tell the story," says O'Malley. If I have an idea, I put it in a dark corner of my mind until I'm ready for it.

I let it collect dust until it becomes something bigger Surprisingly, a conversation with O'Malley contains more pop culture references than the actual book. Although fans may notice a few in-jokes, they're far and few between compared to the referential excesses of Scott Pilgrim. Set in a faux-Slavic country called Mordavia, the games features a side quest where you meet a character called a Domovoi—or house spirit—who guards an inn and can grant your hero boons. The gaming influence shines through most clearly in Katie's desire for infinite do-overs, as though she were a videogame character.

At first, most of the mistakes—and changes—she makes are fairly prosaic, like retroactively deciding to go bed early instead of watching Netflix all night, eating salad instead of a burger, and reversing a night of drinking so she can wake up without a hangover. Or I do! And that's really what got the book going: the low-level regret and second-guessing that goes on every day in the back of your mind," says O'Malley.

What could I change? Of course, like most narrative devices that involve toying with the universe, it comes with a price. When Katie starts to make bigger changes to one part of her life, she finds it means losing control somewhere else. And her constant "revisions" also start to generate a creeping, peripheral sense of rot, like the dirty dishes in the sink you don't want to acknowledge.

It can be anything in your life—something that you're not dealing with that gets out of control while you're trying to control something else," says O'Malley. If coming-of-age stories tend to be about stepping up and finally making choices as an adult, then Seconds is about learning to live with those choices.

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Katie's desire to undo her mistakes is driven not by laziness but by perfectionism, the fear of failure and and desire for control that often haunts—and occasionally destroys—ambitious go-getters. We all want to have our cake and eat it too. But you have to let go of something.