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C'est la patrie d'Hannibal.

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This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. France: Anti-immigration 'Paris Pride' hold torchlit procession in capital. Lastly, I consider Muslimness in Petit Nanterre reflecting on my own experience see Reed-Danahay and Chang on auto- ethnography. I was often presented by my host mother in ways that highlighted my Muslimness, even if residents knew I was not a practic- ing Muslim. This modesty seemed to appease my host mother who expressed concern when I would venture alone to Paris for weekly classes or meetings.

Furthermore, it is clear that the way in which my identity was publicly shaped and shared eased my entry into the field and presumably made my interlocutors more comfortable as they shared personal information about their private lives. While I was discrete and ate privately during Ramadan, I did not fast during this month. This example illustrates how the social values of the community I was studying decisively influenced not only my research but also my social identity in the field.

Migration Crisis Is Overpowering This Tiny French Island (HBO)

It also highlights how these encounters of social identity formation, like all others, are dynamic. Admittedly, what they emphasized in our interactions became a useful key in what I determined was important for them. Their questions about my personal life oriented my own questions. In other words, that most of my interlocutors were interested in how as a woman in my mid-twenties I had not yet married and seemed to hold little immediate concern about having children, shifted my attention to the importance of marriage, moth- erhood, and sexual propriety for the women in Petit Nanterre.

The positive rumors about my proper moral self, despite my unmarried social status, created by my host mother therefore proved to be help- ful and enabled conversations that otherwise may have been difficult.

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These sisters are members of the Auxiliaires du Sacerdoce Auxiliaries of the Priesthood. At that time the sisters provided health-care ser- vices from their apartment. Eventually, by the late s, when a modern state-run center was opened on the other side of the Maison des Jeunes whose basement houses the Nahda classes for women , the religious sisters ceased their medical services.

She spends most of her time volunteering with different community organiza- tions, assisting with French-language classes to new immigrants in the evenings at the Centre Social des Canibouts.

Retour en France après l’« alya »

There are a handful of congregants from the Antilles Islands and from Haiti, but the order has had no success in converting Muslims to Christianity. In my two visits to the local chapel run by the nuns on Sunday morn- ings, there were fewer than 12 people in attendance. Two Haitian students from nearby Nanterre University came to this service, one with two scarves wrapped around her head to keep warm.

They are highly respected by locals for their dedica- tion to social work and for their religious piety, even if not Muslim. Gender Politics and Sexual Segregation One social dynamic that residents claim has remained unchanged since the first arrival of North African immigrants to the area is an informal sexual segregation. Both in the shantytown period and contemporarily, there are few shared social spaces for men and women save the local grocery store and the outdoor, partially covered market just north of the banlieue where women meet and shop for food, inexpensive culturally appro- priate clothing, and household items.

Unwritten rules of sexual seg- regation apply to all ages. These schedules and social locations are tell- ing: women mingle and discuss amongst themselves when they are involved in children and domestic-related activities in the morning and at lunchtime; men appear to move more freely in public spaces in the late afternoon and early evening after traditional work hours. A number of social scientists suggest a recurrent association of femininity with private spaces and masculinity with public ones see Ortner ; Dubisch ; Tetreault These symbolic binary associations are undergirded and elaborated in everyday dis- course, casting female virtue as contingent upon discreet behavior at home, and positing masculinity as conditional of illicit behavior in the street or outside the home.

On one occasion when I did, it was smoky and filled with men betting on local horse races featured on large television screens. That is, she and her daughters avoid loitering or sitting outside and therefore, as women, they are respected, and their pub- licly perceived honor is intact. For this observer, it was a good sign i. She has her outdoor hobbies [football], but in the 3e ou 4e [eleventh or twelfth grade], she stops. The boundaries of this informal segrega- tion extend beyond the banlieue. She feared that if it became known that she was enjoying herself and spending money in the capital, people in Petit Nanterre would gossip about her and question her moral fiber.

This officially unarticulated but highly socialized segregation sup- ports norms around gender and social space and also serves to uphold a traditional version of the family, so that relationships that fall out- side this nucleus—notably women without children, women who have chosen to remain single or to live with a partner outside of marriage, women who accentuate their public lives, and women who are bisex- ual, transsexual, or lesbians—are ignored or treated with suspicion and disdain.

I did not meet any openly bisexual, transsexual, or les- bian women in Petit Nanterre, so their inclusion here is based on my own supposition. In addition, if the natural destiny of a woman is to be a wife and mother, those who choose or find themselves in circum- stances outside of this androcentric worldview are not accorded a rec- ognized or respected space. I did not meet a single woman of North African origin who noted that they deliberately chose to be childless, or at least expressed her choice in this manner.

(VIDEOS) Reportage 360° au Texas : prêche de tolérance à la mosquée d'Irving (2e étape)

Unintended childlessness is considered a tragedy, the basis for tremendous pity and prayer, and grounds for divorce. Women in situations of domestic or conjugal violence also fall into this socially hushed space. Marriage is therefore central to the lives of the North African women I encountered and supported through spatial divisions.

Many of the women I interviewed described their wedding day as marked by equal degrees of happiness and sadness, particularly those women I describe in chapter 5, whose marriage also entails migration to France. While marriage signaled their entry as adults into a larger community of women, it also meant leaving their natal families and certain forms of freedom, often to live with their parents-in-law in cramped quar- ters.

Many of the women I interviewed, primarily described difficult relationships with their mothers-in-law. It was then that her mother-in-law, handicapped and unable to walk on her own, returned to their family home in rural Kabylia. According to data available at the local munici- pal office, there are 2, HLM apartments in Petit Nanterre, of which 2, were built before , 42 between and and since Selby, June The most important difference between the two sides of the neigh- borhood is the differing ownership and management of the apartment blocks.

It has public housing apartments, either in 5-story walk-up buildings or in story towers, and was built by Logirep, a private building company, from to The state built 1, dwellings in 5- and mostly story build- ings beginning in the late s. Hafid is a second-generation Moroccan in his mid-thirties. In our conversation in his office at the end of February , I asked him about a film made by the young people in the Guider, accompa- gner, orienter group GAO, or Guiding, Accompanying, Orienting , to which I refer in chapter 5.

If we go on an outing, it has to be mixed [the posted sign-up sheets are separated by gender and events are cancelled if both girls and boys fail to register]. They go on outings with boys only. I think we then can go on trips, and with more girls than boys. Hafid adds that drug-related tragedies have meant that locals have become coddled by community organizations. The organization facilitates meetings between volunteer tutors, teachers, students, and their parents when necessary to ensure participation.

In fact, I heard many critiques in the Canibouts about Hafid and his association. The visit was brief and interpreted by many as a photo opportunity for Sarkozy. Dilapidated buildings and the sale of narcotics characterize it. Its apartments have faulty electricity, and plumbing is precarious. In the winter months, hot water is intermit- tent. Although windows were replaced in the s, residents are more concerned about the lack of proper general maintenance and cleanliness.

Another clear distinction is in the organization of the buildings. High unemployment also encourages scrutiny of the public movements of neighbors for more on the symbolism of architecture, see Boddy 70— In short, one can see without necessarily being seen, which, as I propose in chapter 4, fosters the possibility and power of gossip. The invisibility of the viewer creates a field of power.

She wanted to know whom I had seen and whether I had interviewed them.

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Sensing my unease with her questions, she then graciously asked how the project was progressing. I noted her mobile phone number and promised I would call her for an interview at a later date. Her question about my activities was not surprising. A number of other residents surely also noted my activities that morning.

Despite this oppressive sense of surveillance, Foucault insists that the Panopticon gaze both punishes and rewards Echoing the comments of the woman in the grocery store about Figure 2.