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Words are words and those annoying little punctuation marks can't be that important Scribendi's editors offer solutions to common punctuation errors.

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Start by telling us who you are. By the end of Year 6, children will be expected to be able to identify question sentences and punctuate them in Key Stage 2 SATs. By the end of Year 6, for children to reach the expected standard in writing, they will be expected to use question marks consistently and accurately in their writing.

Start your trial for FREE today! Access thousands of brilliant resources to help your child be the best they can be. Understand how question marks are explained and taught in the primary school classroom with our parents' guide to punctuation and grammar. Login or Register to add to my wishlist. What is a question mark?

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It is not grammatically correct to use question marks for indirect questions, for example: How are question marks taught in the primary classroom? When are question marks taught in primary school? For example: To leave Year 2 working at the expected standard for a child of their age in writing, children would be expected to demonstrate they can punctuate question sentences accurately and consistently when appropriate. For example: By the end of Year 6, for children to reach the expected standard in writing, they will be expected to use question marks consistently and accurately in their writing.

Rule 2b. Because of Rule 2a, capitalize the word that follows a question mark. Example: Will you go with me? Rule 3a. Avoid the common trap of using question marks with indirect questions , which are statements that contain questions.

Use a period after an indirect question. Incorrect: I wonder if he would go with me?

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Correct: I wonder if he would go with me. OR I wonder: Would he go with me? Rule 3b. Some sentences are statements—or demands—in the form of a question.

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They are called rhetorical questions because they don't require or expect an answer. Many should be written without question marks. Examples: Why don't you take a break.