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This saw the beginning of a new era of production at the distillery, which since had been run for only a few months of the year by Highland Park staff. The standard expression of Scapa under Allied was a 12 year-old, however as stocks ran low and refurbishment loomed this bottlingwas discontinued and replaced by a 14 year-old.

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In , Scapa was relaunched once again, this time by Pernod, as a 16 year-old. Scapa was fitted with a Lomond still in the s by then-owners Hiram Walker, but this is now used as a normal wash still with the rectifying plates removed.

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Most of the output from the distillery goes to the Ballantine's blend, but the launch of the 16yo in fancy packaging gives hope that this under-sung malt will receive more attention and support from the new owners. Enjoy responsibly drinkaware.

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  • Personalised engraving Personalised labels. Unique to us. More on this story. Scapa Flow scuttling: The day the German navy sank its own ships. WW1 German grave mistakes corrected in Orkney cemetery.

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    Scapa Flow: The day the German navy scuttled their warships off Orkney

    First echosound image of Scapa Flow battleship wreck. WW1: The letter that reveals a brutal day at Scapa Flow. The day the entire German fleet surrendered.

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    Elsewhere on the BBC. Dating Secrets Oloni's tips ahead of cuffing season. The main natural feature here is over half a mile of beautiful white south-facing beach that is being steadily driven by the wind over parts of the road that runs along the head of the bay.

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    On either side the beach is framed by low cliffs. Above the point where these meet the west end of the beach is a name painted on the end of a bonded warehouse proclaiming Scapa Distillery.

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    This is less well known than Orkney's other Scotch whisky distillery, Highland Park, which lies about a mile north east of it. Continues below image Scapa Distillery dates back to , though with the exception of two warehouses, much of what you see today was built in Since it has opened its doors to visitors and a tour can be highly recommended.

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    The second most striking feature of Scapa Bay, sited behind the centre of the beach, is the impressively modern pyramid shape of the Scapa Flow Control Centre, built by the Orkney Islands Council in This looks more like a control tower for an airport than for a stretch of water, but from here the complex shipping movements through Scapa Flow, one of the world's largest sheltered harbours, are monitored.

    On the east side of the bay is a picturesque but still very much operational pier with a range of small craft on display. At its landward end are the old harbourmaster's offices.