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Shesha Naga is a cosmic serpent who is believed to support all the planets of the universe on its thousand heads. It is said that every time the divine serpent uncoils, the creation of life takes place but when he finally coils back, the world will cease to exist. This is why Shesha is also known as Ananta, which translates to infinite. Madhavi is a female character in Indian mythology who only bears male children, all of whom go on to become warriors.

She also has the power to restore her virginity after every birth.

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This brings him to King Yayati, who hands over his daughter, Madhavi, to Galava instead. The latter then gives Madhavi to three different kings, who in turn furnish him with horses each. Finally, he offers these horses to guru Vishwamitra along with Madhavi. Feminists have argued that such legends have constantly reinforced and justified patriarchy in Indian society. At the same time, Indian mythology also has fierce warrior goddesses, like Durga, who is the destroyer of evil.

But Durga is also known to be kind and nurturing like a mother figure when she needs to be. In the eastern states of India, like West Bengal, the Hindu festival of Dussehra is centred around a legend surrounding Durga.

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The celebrations commemorate the homecoming of the goddess after defeating the buffalo demon Mahishasura, who was blessed with a gift that no male could ever kill him. Interestingly, the documentary What on Earth , which airs on Science Channel, claims that the bridge is man-made and not natural as previously thought. This has added fresh credibility to the legend in the Hindu mythological text.