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Activities include hiking, fishing, and observing nature, and of course, cooking over a smoky fire. Called "Sea Rest," the camp catered to women only. That camp is still in operation today. Today - There are over , federally managed campsites, more than , campsites in state parks, and an untold number of private facilities. Eons before becoming our favorite pastime, camping was, literally, a way of life.

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And perhaps the most important piece of iconic equipment is the tent. Army officer. He modeled his "bell tent" after Native American teepees, using canvas instead of buffalo hides. Coleman develops a liquid fuel lantern with a small base tank that is pressurized using a hand pump.

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It offers campers a safer, more enjoyable experience, with brighter illumination and no sooty smoke. This same principle is still in use today, with factory-pressurized fuel bottles replacing the pump. Over the years, battery-powered lanterns joined the mix and today utilize brilliant LEDs for exceptional energy efficiency. While a crackling campfire is closely associated with camping, it was the only smoky, sooty, ash-laden way to cook meals and boil water. Army's urgent request to develop a compact stove for battlefield use.

Along with the Jeep, it's considered one of the two most important pieces of non-combat equipment in the war.

Other manufacturers adopt the pressurized fuel concept and there are now several variations of the basic design. With bulky, horse hair-filled bed mattresses being too heavy to drag into the forest, early campers had to contend with sleeping on the cold, hard ground. Luckily, ingenuity came to the rescue. Original design is still in use today.

These are followed by self-inflating and manual-inflating pads. Army issues purpose-designed slumber bags. Heavy and bulky, these are eventually replaced with down-filled bags—the precursor to today's modern synthetic-filled sleeping bags. Modern-day travel trailers trace their origins to gypsy travel wagons and the Conestoga Wagons built to carry settlers across the United States. The "Clipper" features dry ice air conditioning, water tanks, electric lighting and kitchenette. Due to the unique hitching method, the overall length of the tow vehicle and trailer is shortened without giving up inside space.

A back seat that folds down into a bed, a chamber pot toilet and a fold-down sink are a sensation, but the whole idea of a "motor home" doesn't catch on. Expensive luxury items, motorhomes remain far less popular than travel trailers. Companies like Winnebago begin manufacturing motorhomes on a massive scale, driving down the cost.

Today - From the early foot models, motorhomes have grown into foot behemoths that feature literally every comfort of home. For camping enthusiasts whose family and friends don't share that enthusiasm, camping clubs provide friendship and travel adventures.

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They got their name for the soldered tin can on their radiator caps. The club still exists today. Vehicles that leave the parking lot after being scanned will not be allowed re-entry to the parking lot. If you and another group of tent campers arrive together, you may be assigned adjacent campsites. Please plan accordingly! Upcoming Festivals Secret Project.

Escape: Psycho Circus. Escape: Psycho Circus Korea. More From Insomniac. Additional Vehicle Parking Additional Vehicle Parking is an additional parking lot for campers arriving at a separate time and joining an existing campsite. Only one Additional Vehicle Parking pass will be allowed per campsite.

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Each Additional Vehicle Parking pass is good for one 1 vehicle for the entire weekend. No re-entry is allowed. Cars entering Additional Vehicle Parking may not exceed the legal capacity for their vehicle. No oversize vehicles are allowed. Tent Camping Check-in Shipping If you purchase camping with your festival tickets, you will receive your camping and vehicle passes with your tickets.