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As the government steps up efforts to boost tourism and promote Lake Toba as a prime tourist destination, the iconic North Sumatra lake continues to be marred by water pollution. The finding was made recently by a team of researchers from the Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Ministry, which is currently conducting a further study on how the environmental problem has affected the ecosystem in the lake.

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A total of five such incidents have occurred this year in several parts of the lake, including some in a different regency. This situation needs to be resolved immediately. Slated to be completed on Dec.

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The study in August found that the main source of pollution in the lake was the water from 25 polluted rivers that flowed into it. Recognized as the biggest volcanic lake in the world at 87 kilometers long and 27 km wide with the breathtaking natural beauty of Samosir Island at its center, Lake Toba spans seven regencies in the province, including Humbang Hasundutan, Toba Samosir, Karo and North Tapanuli.

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Albert Sidabutar, the spokesman for Toba Samosir regency, which covers a vast area in the southeastern part of the lake, confirmed the lake had been polluted for a long time, with his regency being one of those contributing to the environmental damage. Pollutants from his region, he added, came from the industrial area, and eventually flowed into the river running to the lake.

Lake in summer is well warmed up and is a popular tourist and leisure destination.

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In summer the beach area, summer cafes, attractions, bicycles and catamarans are organized on the lake, the entrance to the beach is free. Manzherok Lake Manzherok, South Manurek is a lake on the terrace of the right bank of the Katun, at an altitude of meters above sea level. The length of the lake is m, the maximum width is m, the depth is 2. In , a festival of friendship between Mongolian and Soviet youth was held on the lake, specifically for which the song "Tell me, my friend, what is Manzherok?

In the performance of Edita Pyekha.

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The lake is a monument of nature. Around the lake there are many species of birds, some of them are listed in the Red Book.

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The lake stands out among other water bodies of the Altai Mountains with a wide variety of aquatic plants, totaling 25 species. In July in the middle of the lake you can see a lot of flowering white water lilies.

The lake is also famous for its endemic - a water chestnut chilim, listed in the Red Book. In people, a nut is called a "devil" because of its bizarre shape and is considered a symbol of the Manzherok lake. It is located on the bank of the Katun River, 34 km from the village of Maimy, km from the Chuysky tract.

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It was founded in by peasants-settlers. Local Altai-nomads, looking at Russians who lived settled, began to settle in the village.