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I went over to the first rack of dresses that seemed to be mostly blue although all the colours mixed into a blur of patterns and designs. My fingers slid over the different materials until I stop on one. It's deep blue so I pull it out so I can see more. The dress has beading around the heart shape neck line and is smooth and silky. I turned around to see a woman with her curly auburn hair in a top not on her head, her black top which read the shops name revealed long sleeve tattoos running up her arms.

But my eyes are drawn back to the beautiful dress. The lady stood there giving me a look that told me that I should just try it on. So I did. I walked into the changing room with my anxious best friend outside that is excited for the as she called it 'Big reveal.

Wish You Were Here by Catherine Alliott

If I hadn't of liked it before than I defiantly like it now. It looks even better in person with the body hugging silhouette going into a slight flair at the feet. I walk out into the fitting room where Tess is waiting on the black curved seats. I did what she said giggling slightly from her sounding like when my mum and I used to go shopping together. I love it," I replied smiling.

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Tess made a high pitched squeal from excitement and grabbed my hands jumping up and down with me in a circle. When a quick phone call is over with my mum begging her for the dress I bought it. We walked along with Tess's arm linked in mine because she's likes to be clingy to people but I don't mind so I just go with it.

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I looked at her confused as to why she would be asking me this question. Looking at her seriously I walk us over to a bench we are near. My heartbeat increased rapidly as I'm about to say two simple words. Sorry I hadn't uploaded in a while but I hope you enjoyed this slightly longer chapter. Forums The Watty Awards. Go Premium. Log in Sign Up.

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New Reading List. Send to Friend. I replied to her text.

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The conversation will take place from to at Watermans Theatre followed by drinks. Join Patrick for a tour of the gallery on Sat 11 Nov at 6. He also developed and taught the creative robotics module at Goldsmiths.

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  • Tresset has published research papers in the fields of computational aesthetics, social robotics, drawing research and AI Artificial Intelligence. This is a free event and open to all, so no ticket is required.

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