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Too bodily and filthy. French publishers used to publish censored books in the Netherlands. Did Bristish publishers do the same? You could get the unexpurgated versions in French. Publishing in private book clubs was another way of getting around the issue of censorship. You mean men from the upper classes. They treat women and people from other classes as children. They consider they have no free will and no brain to make their own judgment.

Very irritating. Have you seen the film version by Pascale Ferran? However, one of the things King underlines — and I was grateful! When I started reading the R-M cycle, many of the newer translations were not yet available, so I read new translations when I could and the Vizetelly translations when that was all there was. As a result the Vizetellys get an undeserved bad rap.

I did some background reading on what happened to the Vizetellys for their translations, and I have a lot more respect for what they went through. I like the fact that private book clubs could have modern translations into English—it was just the Vizetellys that got into trouble. So it was alright to have a copy of Zola if it came from a private book club, but to be sold for a member of the public to read….

Very interesting discussion.

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How sad is that? The extracts from the Viztelly versions make me wary. Hope new translations appear in the meantime? I read somewhere that the best way is to read them in the order things take place.

I mentioned that earlier. Some are mediocre-weak not ALL the Vizetellys. You might want to read The Fortune of the Rougons first as it is about the common ancestor. Good advice Guy. I think he gets a bit preachy in some of the weaker novels.

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That scientific determinism, yes, overwhelmed Therese Raquin though that book had other problems — structure and a descent into the ludicrous by the end. I throughly enjoyed Money and His Excellency. Those are the good ones that I can think of off the top of my head. These are the two I keep finding digitally if I can find anything more recent, I take that. Some of the Rougon-Macquart series have not had recent translations, but my personal choice would be to opt for newer translations if they are available. I saw a Brian Nelson translation of The Belly of Paris available for the kindle on Amazon, and a translation of the Kill by Goldhammer just to name two versions.

Why do you think the newer translations are better? Starkweather, in Any thoughts? Thanks again. In the case of the Vizetelly translations, the first in English, in some of the more controversial books and quite a few were considered dodgy , too much was slashed from the text. The French poster here says that the Mauldon translation was much closer to the orginal Zola.

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Thanks for this blog Guy. It contains a lot of useful information for the Zola-reader or Zola-reader-to-be. It really makes you appreciate what they went through. Given that this book is over thirty years old it is out of date; however it made me realise that a lot of the minor books of the series were translated in the s and were published by Elek Books. Thus providing an alternative to Vizetelly. King gives good advice as regards the Vizetelly translations — which ones are ok and which ones should be avoided etc. My approach has been that where possible I have read a new translation.

These are probably easier to find in Britain than the U.

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Please note that these translations are over fifty years old now and are a little dated themselves. Since then, there appears to be an upsurge in interest—as well as a few new translations. The King book sounds invaluable.

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Before I read about the Vizetellys, I had what I think was a fairly common attitude to them: how could they have bowdlerized Zola… how dare they??? From the link it looks like you read the original Henry Vizetelly translation from which is supposed to be pretty good. I think this was the first Zola translation that they published. Subsequent publications were then edited by Ernest Vizetelly and were heavily censored. I also found the book quite easy to read. Is there a place you can find info on this? Are all of the Viz. The version is on Google Books here…. Makes you wonder how many translations are out there.

The ones with the raw sexuality must have given the Vizetellys and the courts palpitations. Thank god for Brian Nelson. I hope he translates the remaining titles. The Margaret Mauldon translations are also excellent.

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  • Translated by Valerie Minogue. Another discovery! Translation by Helen Constantine. Thanks for taking the time Tony. I have Money on preorder and a new translation of the C of P is much needed, I think. Good news for Zola fans. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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    Thank you for that — that was fascinating. Mel u. January 17, at pm. Yes I can get bilingual editions of the classics but they are limited to certain titles.

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    I have a great deal of respect for translators too. Max Cairnduff. The Mauldoon in both cases has much more impact.